What Is Case Interview Consulting

For any job that you are going to apply for, expect some interviews to come your way. However, if you are looking to becoming a consultant, then you will have a test that is much more than a job interview. A consulting firm needs employees that can think outside the box. That’s why they employ case interview consulting. So what is case interview consulting? 

A case interview is an interview that will test a candidate’s ability by presenting them with a hypothetical business problem. In simple terms, it’s sort of like a brain teaser, albeit in a much more practical way. A case interview is a big deal in consulting firms, and it can spell the difference if you can land the job or not. 

In this circumstance, we call it case interview consulting since it is also used in consulting firms. If you are aiming to be a consultant, it might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. So let’s understand the case interview consulting to help you get the job!

What Is Case Interview Consulting 

Case interview consulting is a process that is designed to simulate being a consultant in a hypothetical scenario. To put it simply, say you are a lawyer, and you have a case handed to you. Lawyers need to understand their case and develop effective legal strategies so that they can better represent their client’s interests. 

Lawyers will inform their clients about laws and regulations, what are their legal matters, and what needs to be done about them. The same can be said about case interview consulting. You, the consultant, or rather the lawyer, need to be well informed about the business. Next, you need to identify them, and finally, find a way how to fix them. 

Case interview consulting will have you put in several scenarios relating to being a consultant. Questions don’t necessarily mean they will be difficult, and some of them could be just trick questions. However, do expect them to be closely related to anything about consulting services. 

For example, you might be presented with a case involving a smartphone company. The said smartphone company is looking to invest and research foldable smartphones. Now, they are here to consult you whether there is a market for it or even if they should invest in the first place.

The problem above is what you would typically expect in a case interview consulting. The purpose of these questions is to test how you would approach the case. 

How Important is this Interview?

What Is Case Interview Consulting

To better understand how important this interview is, let’s learn what does a consultant does. In any consulting firm, the standard is that any advice you give must be reliable and provable. Not only will you answer your client’s question, but you must also make some recommendations. A consultant shouldn’t rely on intuition. Otherwise, it would be the ruin of the client. 

Let’s make it simple. A consultant firm must abide by the strict standard of analyzing data and make conjecture based on the data. The strict adherence to their standard is one of their main concerns when hiring. They will dislike someone for jumping to conclusions or someone that say ‘maybe’ when making a suggestion. 

Consultant firms have a lot of acquired data on their hands, or they could simply procure one depending on the client. So why the importance of data? They need data to justify conjecture. After all, no one would believe their statement if it isn’t based on any truth.

It doesn’t help that you present your findings without data backing them up. Your client perhaps has a boss, and he needs to explain to his boss why they should take this next step. Sure, perhaps it is indeed an innovative idea, but is there a market for it? Your client will most likely not want to take a gamble.

Knowing this, consulting firms prefer to hire candidates that can approach and solve problems in a way that adheres to solid data. The purpose of the interview is to examine which candidate has the knack for it. What kind of data are you looking for? Based on the data you have now, do you have any conjectures that might benefit the client? Can you prove your conjectures with proper data?

Case interview consulting questions will dissect a candidates’ thinking. Case interviews nowadays are commonplace in any industry, but their origins come from consulting firms.

How To Tackle These Questions? 

It’s a must to ask questions!

First, the interviewer will provide you a problem. Listen carefully to what he is saying, and take notes to avoid missing any details. After that, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Your answer should be a definite yes!

Since you have taken notes, summarize the questions first and ask for any clarification. Not only will it emphasize your listening skills, but you can use it to double-check if you thoroughly understood the question or not.

Feel free to work with your interviewer. 

Yes, this is a test, but don’t focus too much on the test part. Rather, you want to approach the subject as a legitimate problem to solve. Approach your interviewer and feel free to ask questions anytime. If you have developed any hypothesis, explain it to the interviewer. 

Likewise, you can use your conversation to gain the upper hand. The interviewer might give out body language or subtle hints that you can use to make a more solid solution. Make sure to be discreet and not outright ask for answers. 

Know and keep up what is trending.

Depending on what you are applying for, make sure that you are very knowledgeable about it. Do not rely too much on textbook practices, but instead keep up with the latest trends. The market is not always constant, and keep that in mind. One way of doing this is through being in tune with the news.

What Is Case Interview Consulting Summary  

Case interview consulting is a must-have in any consulting firm. So if you are looking to be a consultant, make sure that you have to be prepared for it! Finally, practice, practice, and practice! Go get a buddy that can help you simulate a case interview question.