How To Know If Case Interview Went Well

Finally, you just finished all your case interviews. Now, it’s time for you to wait for a call offering you a job. Any second now. Well, did you get the call? Wait, how do you even know that you did well during your case interview? 

Your case interview was a nervous experience, but waiting for that call is likewise an anxious event. You know you can’t wait, and you just want to hear that phone ringing. That uncertainty drives anyone mad. After all, we want to get that job offer. 

If recruiters just give prompt feedback, you can take the advice and move on. But those limbo days are just unsettling. Those days where the interviewer contemplates getting you or not can simply be maddening—especially when you knew you did your best. 

However, in those limbo days, there is something you can do. You can look back and contemplate if you did well or not, but how do you do that? 

Few signs can indicate if you aced the interview or not. While it is not a sure-fire way to know if you are getting the job or not, it’s still a good sign. So before fretting over your dilemma, take a breather and think about the following steps. See if some of these signs appear during the interview. 

How To Know If Case Interview Went Well

Signs If Your Case Interview Went Well

1.) Body Language Tells A Lot

In communication, only 7% is through words, 38% in the voice’s tones and the rest of the 55% is through body language. It holds true in any face-to-face communication, even in your case interview. So when you contemplate your case interview, try to remember the interviewer’s mannerisms. 

Others consider body language unreliable since someone could just be having a bad day. However, it’s not always that an interview is having a bad day. Even if they are having a bad day, they would still react to the interview. 

If the body language is expressed bluntly, then you need to contemplate what you did then. Say, for example, you were trying to express your idea, and the interviewer shows a clear sign of being disinterested. If that happened, then you have a lot of studying to catch up. 

Another clear sign is when they don’t establish eye contact. If that happened, you need to work out your communication skills. Study to better express your idea or be more familiar with your topic. 

On the other hand, if you notice head nodding, eye contact, and positive body mannerisms, it’s a good sign that they want you. Even if the interviewers try to hide it, their little positive movements cannot be hidden. 

2.) When And Not If

If the interviewer is not so keen on adding you to their workforce, they won’t try to get your hopes up. What they will do is generalize your job position. Likewise, they keep using the word if. The interviewer won’t introduce you to the in’s and out’s of the company, neither will the interviewer expound on the company’s job culture. 

On the other hand, if they keep using the when word, then you have a chance. They will introduce you to what the company is all about and likewise talk about their company culture. They are envisioning what it’s like to have you in their office. They will be specific on what will be your next steps to take. 

They will say to you ‘we will reach out to you next week’ if they are interested. On the other hand, if they say ‘we’ll get back to you’, it generally means they are not that interested. 

If you are they offered you their phone number and their business card, you are on your way to becoming one of their team. 

3.) The Interviewer is Relaxed

The whole point of a case interview is finding out your thought processes and your skills. That’s how they determine if you are suited for the job or not. However, they are also human. If the conversation turns casual and the interviewers seem relaxed, it’s a great sign. 

It’s a sure sign that they are very impressed with your work. So when they feel relaxed, they will start some casual conversations. They are confident that you have what it takes to become a part of their firm. 

4.) Interview Is A Tad Bit Long.

While it may not necessarily be pleasant sitting there for a while for the interview, it’s a good sign. In general, it may even indicate that you passed the interview with flying colors. 

Interviewers don’t have all day to hang out with applicants. They have a long line waiting for them, and so they want to do it as efficiently as possible. So if you notice they are taking a while, it means that they are eager to know you better. 

However, it isn’t necessarily true in every single case. For example, it could be that the interviewer is always reiterating a question, or they feel like you need to expound on your answers better. 

But if they seem enthusiastic and they discuss your role in the company, then that’s a good thing. 

5.) No Phone Call?

Perhaps you did everything right. You left them a good impression, and they exude positivity as a response. Despite all that, you never heard of them again. You did everything right, so what went wrong?

It doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen. Sometimes, they just found someone who is a better candidate. To simply put, passing the case interviews is not enough, you have to be the best among all the applicants. If everybody did the same thing, then you have to be better at it.

The consulting world is a very competitive business. For example, in McKinsey & Company firm, there are thousands of applicants per year.  And yet, only a measly 1% of them gets a job offer. You have to excel among the rest so that it sticks to them.