Best Way To Ace Case Interview

Preparing yourself for an interview is one thing, but it is another for a case interview. If you are looking to work as a consultant, expect a case interview to test you. A case interview is an interview format where you are given a problem to solve. So, how can you prepare for it? Better yet, what is the best way to ace a case interview? 

In consulting firms, case interviews are a norm for a long time already. They are not going away anytime soon, and in fact, they are getting more complex. In a case interview, the interviewer will present you with a problem, and they can be either imaginary or based on real-world examples. Typically, they present common problems a company typically faces.

Acing the interview can mean getting the job or not. After all, companies hire someone who is there to help them fix their problem, either in business, management, or handling customer-related issues.  

What To Expect In A Case Interview

Case interview questions can vary a lot. Some questions may be just trick questions, but many will ask you business problems scenarios. They can ask you how to increase employee retention or how to improve customer satisfaction. Simple enough?  Perhaps, but you might have noticed, there is no one real answer to these questions. 

The questions are almost always open-ended. That way, an interviewer can know what you are thinking and how good your problem-solving skills are. To keep it simple, you are roleplaying your future job. You are put on the spot as if you have the job already, and you have to act like one! 

Perhaps you are the man of the job, and you have the skills to back it up. However, can you present it well? Maybe you have a good idea, but will you be able to elaborate on it well? Knowing the answer to the problem is great, but the narrative should be simple. We do not want to make it too convoluted.

You want to ace that interview, not just answer it. Acing the interview will be tough, but with our help, you will be able to ace it! Simply follow our directions below, and you are on your way!

Tips To Ace Your Interview

Best Way To Ace Case Interview

During a case interview, it will most likely be between you and the interviewer. The interviewer will ask the question, and you will answer it. Rarely will a case interview be a written test, but it does happen. So what we will tackle on the assumption that you are going to have an interview one on one. 

Be Vocal When Solving The Problem

After the interviewer has shared the question, feel free to share your point of view. Case interviews are not all about getting the right answer. Sure, it is still important because there might be problems that need mathematical data to back it up. However, interviewers want to know more about your line of thinking. 

Sure, you might feel nervous during the interview, but remember, you are there to make an impression. It won’t help that the room stays quiet and you just keep staring at each other. Imagine that the interviewer is a client seeking advice about their business. Wouldn’t you want to engage them and see how you can solve the problem?

Feel free to showcase your abilities throughout the interview, be confident about it. Share your thoughts about the problem, your logic to your solution, and the reasons why your solution is viable. Show your expertise, and yet, keep it simple. There might be some clients in the future who don’t understand all the business terms.

These actions will show the interviewer your communications skills, problem-solving capabilities, and how you approach the problem. 

Interact But Don’t Cooperate.

While you are greatly encouraged to interact with the interviewer, remember that you are still in an interview. You are there to take the lead and don’t be lead. Interact but do not cooperate with the interview. Keep in mind that you are there to solve a problem.

Think of it this way; a client approaches you to consult on how they can improve customer satisfaction. You and the client need to interact to understand the problem. Gather information, and share your opinion on how you are going to approach it. 

So why not cooperate? Your client is there asking for help, so they most likely don’t know the answer. Otherwise, why would they consult you? Your client is there to give you all the details about the problem, and it’s your job to solve them. 

Since the interview is meant to role-play your potential job, the interviewer also plays their part. They are the client, and they want you to find a solution to their problem. Find a solution and back it up with data to legitimize its viability. 

Interact to gather information but do not cooperate. Perhaps, in your potential job, you need to cooperate with the client. But, remember you are still in a case interview test, so cooperation is not going to happen. 

Your Skills Will Speak For Itself

There is no need to speak about your past job experiences because that happens in the interview. Right now, you are in a case interview, so focus on solving what is in front of you. Do not bring up your previous experiences about the job, and if you are skilled, it will show itself.

Prove Your Solution

The thing about case interviews is that they almost always don’t have one right answer. Say, for example, improving customer satisfaction can go in a lot of ways. It can either be being proactive, handing down coupons, understanding customers, etc.

Since there are several ways to approach it, you need to show why your solution is viable. The most common way to prove your solution is by using data. So, which among the solutions is the most effective way to increasing customer satisfaction? Is there data to back it up?

Your client will almost always want data since they are the ones that will implement changes. They want to know that your solution is effective without even implementing it yet. So, in essence, the same can be said in your case interview. 

Case interviews can be stressful, no doubt about it. With these tips, perhaps you can now be more confident in approaching the interview. Case interviews are an opportunity to showcase your skills, so go get them!